Platinum choice

Nearly every Saturday I have a bit of a punt on the Sydney races. I never bet on horse races in the US but when I arrived in Australia and discovered the race that stops a nation, I had my first bet — on a Melbourne Cup.

After that, I figured that it was an Australian thing to do, so I continued to have a flutter, always with a limit (it can be done, poker machine addicts!).

All of which is an intro to why I chose the headline above. Like any punter, I have a system as well as a limit. And it means betting on longshots, on the theory that if you have one win, you get your money back.

But occasionally, when I see a horse with a name that is appropriate for the news of the day or in my personal life, well, I put a couple of bucks each way on the dark quadruped of the week!

Tomorrow I am having a revision of my left artificial hip joint, which has been sitting on top of a titanium and cobalt rod in my femur (thigh bone) for the past 24 years, so I was thinking metallic elements, and there in race 7 at Warwick Farm was Platinum Choice at 26-1. So I put a couple of bucks on it and got my money back.

I’m hoping this is an omen for the hip operation, although platinum will play no part in the procedure.

Anyway, I will write about the operation and the recovery on my blog since I wrote a piece about my bilateral hip replacements for The Bulletin magazine 24 years ago, and it was just meant to let people know what it was like. There are a lot of hip replacements and revisions in Australia, so I will let future recipients know how it goes.

And yes, I’ve heard all the puns by now. I am going to be hip, a new old hippie, a revised hippie, a happy hipster, etc.

Given recent stories about cobalt shedding, I’m just hoping for a hip that I can take into a safe place, and not be out of joint.

I’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Platinum choice

  1. I just had my second revision NOv. 22. Rehab will be a bit tough but I will be better than ever. You will be pleasantly surprised by your mobility. If you want to share stories feel free to contact me.

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