Paul Ryan: The deer hunter who would be president

“Once there were two brothers. One ran away to sea, the other was elected Vice-President, and nothing was ever heard of either of them again.” That witty quote came from Thomas R. Marshall, who just happened to be US Vice-President for two terms (1913-1921) under Woodrow Wilson. In his early years, he took to drink, … Continue reading Paul Ryan: The deer hunter who would be president

Pundits declare: The party’s over

“The fat lady’s singing. No matter how you put it, it’s over. There’s no way he’s going to be able to stop Romney at this point.” That’s Howard Dean’s former campaign manager, Joe Trippi, talking about Republican candidate Rick Santorum after the front-runner, Mitt Romney, won primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia … Continue reading Pundits declare: The party’s over